In 1958 New Castle Playhouse (NCP) was incorporated as a non-profit organization and since then has been enriching the lives of our locality through live theatrical performances. The New Castle Playhouse exists to foster community, pride, civic renewal, and cultural enlightenment through quality theater arts experiences, produced by the community, for the community.

During the early years, The New Castle Playhouse used a myriad of venues to present its productions. A decision was made in 1987 to purchase the Old State Movie Theater building and provide a permanent home for the theater group. Since that time NCP has expanded and improved its programming, production schedule, physical facilities, and has become the symbol of revitalization in a changing south-side neighborhood.

The New Castle Playhouse has improved its creative programming for children and youth through a variety of programs. The Youth programs now include a full-scale Children’s Theater production, the Rising Star Summer Workshop, Stars of Tomorrow, and the NCP Mini-Stars who are now seen as the young, talent ambassadors of NCP who perform throughout the community.

NCP renovated an on-site garage into a smaller more intimate (100 seat) Annex theater. With it’s cabaret seating, it is a perfect setting for small musicals and plays. Major improvements have been made to the old theater. In 1999 new seating was installed in the theater and in 2003 an atrium was added to the building, adding more lobby space. Most recently, air-conditioning upgrades and improvements to the west exterior wall have been completed, thanks to the support of the Hoyt Foundation.