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October 20 - 29, 2023

The Annex

Directed by: Jeff Carey

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“The Crucible,” written by Arthur Miller, is a gripping and timeless drama set in the late 17th century during the infamous Salem witch trials. The play unfolds in the Puritan town of Salem, Massachusetts, where fear, suspicion, and mass hysteria take hold as a group of young girls is caught dancing in the woods, leading to accusations of witchcraft. As the town spirals into chaos, personal vendettas, religious fervor, and political motivations collide, resulting in a harrowing tale of lies, betrayal, and the devastating consequences of unchecked power. In this thought-provoking narrative, Miller delves into the dark underbelly of human nature, exploring the destructive force of fear and the perversion of justice in the pursuit of an illusory truth.


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